Experience and Excellence

60 Years Doesn't Come Easy 

It takes hard work and dedication. Something we bring to the job site everyday. We coordinate with other contractors and take the lead to bring you a finished product that works the way it should the first time. We stand behind our work and make sure each customer is satisfied. We couldn't have made it 60 years if we didn't.


Van's staff is not only very professional, but they also have always taken care of our plumbing emergencies promptly and courteously and at a fair price. 

~Gail Welsh Crowe Chizek

 Riverfront Condo Assc. 

Grand Rapids, MI   

I am pleased to recommend Van's Plumbing and Heating as a plumbing and heating contractor. Van's has contracted with us for two major building projects. They offer excellent service and bring integrity and honesty with that service. They have proven to be cooperative and creative in problem solving. Van's also acts as our service contractor for ongoing service needs. 

 ~Tim Hoyt Associate 

PastorBlythfield Hills Baptist Church 

Rockford, MI


Van’s was founded by Philip Vandenberg in 1954 as a solely plumbing business. He was a very successful business man in the community, and years later decided to expand the business to include heating and cooling.  

In 1962 he asked John VandenBergh and Robert Mesnard to become partners in the company. Thus Van’s became Van’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc. They provided the community with excellent service in both plumbing & heating for many years to come. Later Robert, Philip’s son was brought into the business, learning the skills of a mechanical contractor and the running of the business from his dad.   

From 1971 to 1991 Robert helped his dad run the family business, doing residential and commercial plumbing and heating. The Vandenbergs were well known and respected in the community for doing excellent work and creating jobs. In 1991 Robert completely takes over the running of Van’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc. by buying out all the partners. In March of Philip Vandenberg passed away in 1996, leaving behind quite a legacy.   

​In 1996 with no one to pass the family business down to, Robert decides to sell it to one of the employees, Darrin Caudill Sr. In 1997 Darrin Caudill becomes president of Van’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Today Darrin still runs Van’s with the standards set by the Vandenberg family, and serves the community in commercial and industrial service.